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MuscleBob BuffPants Beanie Baby

MuscleBob BuffPants Beanie Baby
MuscleBob BuffPants Animal Details
Name:MuscleBob BuffPants
Introduction Day:June 30, 2006
Retirement Day:December 27, 2007
Poem:(inside right) MUSSEL BEACH: When SpongeBob finds out that he is extremely weak, he buys a set of "Anchor Arms" ! WEIGHT ROOM: In the Anchor Toss Competition, Larry the Lobster tosses an anchor 210 yards, but Sandy Cheeks has him beat. Her toss ? 510 yards ! SpongeBob can't even lift the anchor ! None
Additional Info:(inside left) SUPER ABSORBENT TRIVIA: In "MuscleBob BuffPants" Sandy enrolls SpongeBob in an Anchor Toss Competition !
Value:Coming Soon!
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