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Bronty Beanie Baby

Bronty Beanie Baby
Bronty Animal Details
Animal:Dinosaur - Brontosaurus
Birthday:November 22, 1994
Introduction Day:June 3, 1995
Retirement Day:June 15, 1996
Additional Info:Bronty was introduced at the same time as two other dinosaurs,RexandSteg. COUNTERFEIT ALERT Counterfeit versions of Bronty exist. 1. Bronty MUST have the copyright year 1995 on its tush tag. Bronty with ANY other year on its tush tag is a counterfeit. 2. One particular counterfeit Bronty is rust-colored and has a "Rex" swing tag. The counterfeit swing tag has aperiodinstead of acommabetween "Waterloo" and "Hants" and the umlaut is missing from the "u" in the word Nurnberg. The year on this counterfeit Bronty's tush tag is 1994. Black and white tags can only have a copyright year of 1993 or 1995.
Value:Coming Soon!
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