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Nermal Beanie Baby

Nermal Beanie Baby
Nermal Animal Details
Introduction Day:May 28, 2004
Retirement Day:December 29, 2004
Poem:(inside right) SOMETHING TO SNACK ON: On September 3, 1979, Nermal, "the world's cutest kitten," made his debut ! NERMAL MORSEL: Nermal's favorite pastime is taunting Garfield about his age and looks !
Additional Info:Nermal is one of seven Beanie Babies Ty created for the 2004 Garfield movie. The other six characters areArlene (style 40110),Garfield (style 40114),Louis (style 40113),Luca (style 40111),Odie (style 40112)andPooky (style 40155).
Value:Coming Soon!
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