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Nipponia Beanie Baby

Nipponia Beanie Baby
Nipponia Animal Details
Birthday:September 15, 2000
Introduction Day:September 9, 2000
Retirement Day:
Poem:The new morning has come Let's get out from the small Island And shine on the world with everybody
Additional Info:Ty announced Nipponia on September 6, 2000, at the International Tokyo Gift Show. Nipponia's name is derived from Nippon, the Japanese language word for Japan. Ty appended "ia" to the end of Nippon to create the name for this bear. Nipponia's chest flag (the official national flag of Japan) means Nisshoki (Rising-sun flag) and was adopted as Japan's national flag in 1870. It also is called Hinomaru (Disk of the Sun) and Nihon no Kokki (Flag of Japan). The red circle represents the sun.
Value:Coming Soon!
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