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Issy (Variant 1) Beanie Baby

Issy (Variant 1) Beanie Baby
Issy (Variant 1) Animal Details
Name:Issy (Variant 1)
Introduction Day:December 30, 2000
Retirement Day:February 15, 2004
Poem:IN MEMORY OF CHRISTOPHER SHARP 1960-1978 If you travel far and wide Keep Issy always by your side And when you must turn out the light You'll hear him softly say "good night!"
Additional Info:Issy, New York came with a card. All profits of Ty from Issy, New York, were donated to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, to aid in pediatric cancer research. There were62 additional Issy bearsrepresenting Four Seasons Hotels in different cities around the world. These 62 Issy bears were sold by retailers. All profits of Ty from the Issy collection (except Issy, New York) were donated to The Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research.
Value:Coming Soon!
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