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Aotearoa Beanie Baby

Aotearoa Beanie Baby
Aotearoa Animal Details
Birthday:May 23, 2005
Introduction Day:September 12, 2005
Retirement Day:June 15, 2006
Poem:New Zealand's flag, it flies so high Just look around and you'll see why Natural wonders from mountains to sea So much beauty for you and me !
Additional Info:Aotearoa (black nose) is one of six flag pattern and flag nose bears in the 2005 Asia-Pacific set. The other five bears in this set areHikari,Korea,Maju,Negaraku, andStarry. Aotearoa was also available with a flag nose.
Value:Coming Soon!
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Aotearoa (#1510) - Ty Beanie Baby
Aotearoa (#1510) - Ty Beanie Baby

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